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Bangkok Go Go Bar List

Bangkok Go Go Bar List

A listing to the GoGo bars in Bangkok. The best bars and what to look for in the entertainment areas of Bangkok. You can find, info on many of the most popular go go bars in Bangkok, with information, location, reviews, and if they have it, a link!

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Patpong, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy. These are the big 3 entertainment places in Bangkok, Thailand, that draw visitors by the thousands. We provide you with an overview of the popular bars. See where the action is and come and join the crowd. This site has information for both the newcomer to the nightlife scene and the repeat visitor.

You can find extensive information on the different bars with a description of all the most visited bars at NanaPlaza and Soi Cowboy and Patpong.

At Nana Plaza we cover the well known bars (and the bar girls) such as : the Rainbow bars, Hollywood Rock, Hollywood Strip, Playskool, Voodoo, G-spot, Rock Hard, Silver Dragon, Mandarin, Carnival etc. Nana Plaza is a great favorite with tourists and short-time visitors, and has possibly become the most visited nightlife area in Bangkok.

At Soi Cowboy we have descriptions and ratings for bars such as : Long Gun with its sexotic shows, Rawhide, Tilac bar, Black and White, Dollhouse a go go bar, Midnite bar, Shark, Baccara, Our Place, Suzie Wong, etc. Soi Cowboy is a long time favorite for residents and repeat visitors of Bangkok. It is somewhat laid back when compared with NanaPlaza, but lately with some new bars and more 'showing', it is becoming ever more popular.

Our descriptions and other information is regularly updated. There are sections giving an introduction to the a-go-go nightlife scene, with answers to frequently asked questions about what is going on at Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.
This site also has information about the other nightlife areas of Thailand. Just click on a link!.

Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza is a complex of around 60 bars and gogo bars situated just off of sukumvit road in soi 4 close to BTS NANA Station (see map below). In terms of entertainment I think it is far better than Patpong as everything is close together and the girls SEEM to be more friendly and genuine! Nana offers three floors of nightlife activity around a central square. There are a mixture of beer bars showing sports where you can sit relax and talk to the girls, bars where you can play pool, be careful some of these girls are excellent pool players, and finally the gogo bars give this area a good feel. There used to be more naked dancing, but this changes depending on the mood of the local police.

The busy corner of Nana Plaza is located on the far right side. It includes Rainbow 2, Hollywood, Playskool and Rainbow 1. In these bars altogether you will find a few hundreds of girls.
Pretty Lady (former Buttoms Up) is popular at present, with its 'mirror' counter around the dancing stage. Lollipop has just been reopened after a period functioning as a ladyboy bar. It has now an airconditined foyer with pool tables in front.
In front of most bars on the ground floor, and in the middle of the Plaza, are various beer bars. If you favor that, you can watch live soccer games there on most evenings.

The entrance of Nana Plaza has beer bars on both sides.

nana plaza bangkok

The second floor of Nana Plaza has a lot of smaller bars, with a more 'intimate' environment. There is one huge bar though, G-spot, in the right far corner.

On the left, other more 'regular' a-go-go bars are Rainbow 3 and Angelwitch. Angelwitch in particular is a popular spot, since it features both good looking girls and some well choreographed shows. Casanova is a exclusively ladyboy bar.

In the right close corner, reached after using the escalator we find Fantasia, Mandarin and Silver Dragon. Mandarin is an interesting bar, with multiple levels and a transparent floor between two dancing stages. Rainbow 4 has opened in May 2005, and most likely will become a very popular bar (if the other Rainbow bars are anything to go by)

bangkok go go bars

The third floor of Nana Plaza has only a few bars. However they all are huge, and when busy, can house quite a number of girls. Hollywood Strip has been renamed Carousel bar, after being remodeled and now featuring two large carousels. Shows are featured, with the girls now dressed up though. Carnival is a huge bar on the right, also featuring a carousel, with much less girls and activity though than a year or two ago. Cascade is a 'ladyboy' bar.


Nana Plaza First Floor Plan

nana plaza map



Nana Plaza Second Floor Plan



Nana Plaza Third Floor Plan









Nana Plaza is comparable with drink prices in Patpong and used to be more expensive than Soi Cowboy, but not anymore. In most larger bars, beer is priced at around 125 baht, the same as whisky. Soft drinks and lady drinks are now also usually above the 100 baht barrier. (look out for happy hours, time it right and save big )
The smaller bars on the second floor are mostly exceptions to this rule.


Nana Go Go Bars List

For more information and read the reviews or even post your own review on a bar go to the Nana GoGo Page Here!

Pretty Lady
Rainbow 1
Rainbow 2
Carousel (Hollywood Strip)
Rainbow 3
Hollywood Two
Rainbow 4
Mercury Club
Silver Dragon
Voodoo Bar


Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is located close to the intersection of Sukhumvit Road and Asoke Road. It is just about 100 meter from the intersection and connects Asoke Road with Soi 23 Sukhumvit, running parallel to Sukhumvit Road. It is right next to the subway station exit.

soi cowboy bangkok

It is a 200 meter long street, with a total of about 40 small and bigger bars, located on both sides. Famous bars include Long Gun, Tilac, both close to Asoke Road.
On the other side, close to Soi 23, we find Baccara, Midnite bar, Our Place, (and Dollhouse) In between them, a vast array of smaller bars.

go go girl bangkok



Many of the bars in Soi Cowboy have been refitted and upgraded, giving a better feel. It is also good to note that many of the bars have not raised their prices, and if you go early enough many are offering happy hours . Since mid 2005, quite a few bars started offering topless dancing, nude dancing and shows again.


Soi Cowboy Go Go Bars List

For more information and read the reviews or even post your own review on a bar go to the Soi Cowboy GoGo Page Here!


Midnite Bar
Apache bar
Our Place
Black and White
Cactus Club
Shadow Bar
Cowboy One / Two
Deja Vu
Spice Girls
Five Stars
Suzie Wong
Long Gun (Lucky Star)
Tilac Bar


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