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Pattaya Go Go Bars
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Pattaya Go Go Bars
Pattaya is a great place for gogo bars. More than 3000 bars are located in Pattaya, with about 150 - 200 of them go go. I have listed a complete guide of to the girls, bars and how they work. On the pattaya go go list page (click here!) you can find, info on many of the most popular go go bars in Pattaya, with information, location, reviews, and if they have it, a link!
If you are new to Pattaya or the bar scene, it would be a good idea to read about how the girls work, what their boss expects of them, and what to look for and what to pay when you meet a girl.

Please remember every girl is different, and there are some really nice genuine ones out there.

A guide to go go and bar girls

Lots of the girls who work in the beer/gogo bars would like to be your girlfriend, but paid for this honour! While some others will only go short time 2-3 hours, or just for the night and then with a bit of luck they will leave you the following morning (trust me that's what you want).

Most of the beer bars in Bangkok are girlie bars with anything from 10-30 girls working. The gogo bars are bigger with anything upto 100 girls in them. Most of the girls are willing to go with tourists for MONEY.

The same is true with most of the girls you meet in a disco or nightclub. If you meet a nice young Thai girl while dancing and you later go home together and she hasn't mentioned a word about money, she will still most of the time want money from you the next morning, since there is a 99% chance she is a freelancer who go to tourist nightclubs and discos to pick up men.

The Girls
Well! this is what it is all about, and why you go to the bars. The girls and women of the bars come in all shapes and forms. A lot of them come form the Isaan area of Thailand, mainly an agricultural area. The first few weeks after arriving, these girls are usually still quite innocent and unaccustomed to the work and to living in a big city like Bangkok. A lot of them (though mostly by their own choice) end up in the bars, because they are supposed to make a living for themselves and their family, and do not see any other opportunity. Most of them have limited education, do not speak English, and in the beginning usually have little sexual experience.

pattaya go go bars

However, after a training/schooling period that lasts anywhere from1-3 months, nearly all of these young girls are turned into semi-professionals. It is quite amazing to see how a very shy, inexperienced girl can change into someone who is very good at the trade, and can be quite provocative. You may think that because the girls go with customers, it makes them bad, well, many have limited education and have no decent future in their home towns. They would be lucky to earn 100 dollars a month working in a factory or shop. Where as, in the bar, 30-40,000 Baht 800 dollars is not uncommon. In most cases the girls send a large percentage of this money home. The thing that I find sad and makes me angry, is that the family often never seems to do anything constructive with this new found bounty. ie: house, land, business etc. Often it is just wasted and after many years of working in a bar the girl or her family has nothing to show for it. Someone should set up a savings bank or investment bond! In some cases the girls underlying character shows through, turning a once sweet girl into a bar monster, be careful! The above is just my own point of view, and there are quite a few girls around, who still remain nice respectable despite their trade.

If good at their trade, the girls can make a lot of money. Just look at some of the figures mentioned below, and you will be able to calculate that the attractive, active ladies will easily make more than 30000 baht a month (they also receive a monthly salary which is usually 4000-10000/ month range). The total income they receive easily surpasses the income of most middle income Thai families! In fact, I know some girls who earn over 80,000.

go go pattaya thailand

How it Works!
If you are new to the Pattaya bar scene, this will give you an idea of how things normally work in the gogo bars. The girls dance on a stage (try to find a girl who puts a lot of energy into her dancing, normally they will do the same in bed!). The girls are usually divided in 2 (sometimes 3) groups that take turns dancing. In between they are free to go sit with customers etc. It is usually worthwhile to ask if she is going to dance soon, before buying her a drink, as you might get upset if you have just bought her a drink and she dissapears to dance.

Most bars have the girls dancing in bikini outfits, uniforms or if you are lucky topless. Naked dancing was the norm until 2003 when a public order came into place, changing this once regular scene. Naked dancing can still be found, ask the bars if they do a special show ie: Suzie Wong in Soi Cowboy

Spending money
Look out for the happy hours, great saving over regular prices. Most bars stock most of the popular Western drinks. As a guide beer prices range from 50 baht to around 110 baht depending on the type of bar. Whisky prices are quite similar (don't drink the local Thai whisky it really is horrible), cocktails are a little more upmarket at 120-150 baht. Soft drink prices are relatively expensive, often just a litle bit cheaper than a beer.

If you do invite a girl to sit with you, either to talk or have a little hanky panky, it is a good idea to buy a lady's drink, they should be similar in price to beer, but you can always ask the girl how much it is. You may be shocked at how small her drink is, but as the girl could drink anything upto 20 drinks per night, it's best not too drink to much.

Girl Interaction
Usually you end up buying lady drinks for your partner. Some girls will politely talk to you, some will poke fun, some will become sexually provocative in no time, some will not say anything. If they are bored with you, or see another customer, they will just leave you, or not come back to you after they took their turn dancing, or find an excuse, like going to the bathroom and not return. This is common practice, do not get upset. However it is quite another thing if the girl leaves you after just a minute or two, after you just paid her a drink. Just get the message, do not get upset. Some girls will quickly leave you shortly after you told them, you are not going to take them home. Others will happily stay with you for a longer time.

Despite being prostitution, there is a lot of regular human interaction going on in the Bangkok bar scene. To put it bluntly, the attractive girls have a lot of choice, they might want to like you a bit, before they go with you. Money is important, a lot of money can probably always get you the girl you want, but personal or physical attraction still pays a role. These are young women in their prime!

dollhouse pattaya




Bar Fines
One of the most difficult things for a newcomer to handle is the bar fine. Basically choosing a girl to have sex with. Now, while seen in the west as a terrible thing, it has been about in Thailand and Asia for 100's of years. Massage parlours, not normally visted by foreign tourists are located nearly everywhere. It is a relatively new thing in Thailand for tourists. In the West we often have to wine and dine our ladies for weeks before anything happens, but here you can find a beauiful 18 year old girl , willing to please you in everyway, and it will cost you around 30-40 dollars. When taking out a girl from the bar, a barfine has to be paid to the bar management. This varies between 400-600 baht. Sometimes one has to pay a little bit more for service girls etc.

The barfine is for the bar, but the girl will need her own payment for her services rendered. There are basically two ways to go about financial arrangements. One way is to settle the price in advance (thats best, no mistake). The other is to settle after the 'fact'. Since a financial transaction is involved, it may take away from the overall experience. Please be nice to the girls and treat them fairly. But equally don't pay too much. Girls working in certain bars catering to Japanese customers, tend to expect more money.

When asked in advance, girls will try to get as much as they think possible. So it is not unusual to bargain a bit about it. Simply put, girls will go with a customer for between 1000 and 2000 baht short-time or until you cum!. Some of the most beautiful girls at some bars will ask more than this. There are no fixed rules about this, and common sense should prevail. Obviously an attractive girl will want more money from a fat, old, smelly, poorly groomed man, than from a handsome young fellow, and so on. Actually in many cases the girls prefer to go with an old man, as often is the case they can't have sex and just want company, where as, a young man will bang them to death!

If you want the girl to stay all night 2000-3000 baht is a resonable price to pay.

You can avoid paying the bar fine, by arranging to meet the girl later, but the bars don't like this and will financially punish the girls.

Bar owners often penalize the girls if they do not reach a sufficient number of barfines per month. The bars will deduct a sum from their salary if they don't reach their quota of bar fines, normally 8-10 per month. At the end of the month, it is sometimes easier to find girls willing to go with customers.

Short-time or Long-time?
Short-time you take the girl out of the bar with you for at most a couple of hours. She will not spend the night with you.

Long-time generally means she will spend the whole night with you.

Barfines for both are the same. If you have something particular in mind, discuss it in advance with the girl. While common in the past, most girls do not favor to go longtime with customers. One reason is that some of the better looking girls may want to go back to the bar, and pick up another customer or even go home to their Thai husband or boyfriend, Yes you did read this correctly. Most likely, some girls just want to get away from their customers. After all, there is some safety in not spending the whole night with someone you do not really know. Many girls will tell you they do want to go with you longtime, and after a few hours they will still try to get away. If the girl wants to go, I would suggest not to create a great fuss about it, and just pay the girl for the short time you have spent with her.

If you travel around Pattaya nowadays in the evening or during the night, actually anythime you will notice lots of freelancers, just hanging around at outside eateries, and in front of some quite fancy buildings. This is a new sight that occurred the last few years only, possibly related to the economic crisis. These girls prefer not to work in the bars, and have the freedom to choose their own working hours and customers. The main disadvantages for the customers is that you do not easily see what you get, and that you do not have the same level of security as with girls working in the bar. If there is a problem with a bargirl (which in general is quite rare), you will know where to find her, find her employer etc. The advantage of freelancers is that you do not have to pay a barfine, and services might be cheaper. I would not recommend their services. Also, beware that a lot of the girls around in that area, are actually 'ladyboys', that is transvestites, whether pre- or postsurgery. Some of these girls can be a little light fingered, so hide your wallet and valuables, because with freelancers, you don' have much of a come back.

What to Expect!
Never expect anything. The girls don't come with a certificate, describing their qualifications or specialties. There is always room for the unexpectedly good or bad experience. Girls who just start working may have very little sexual experience indeed, they may be appalled by a request for oral sex etc. Even some girls who perform shows and are quite exhibitionist on stage, will turn into shy, unexperienced ones, once they enter your hotel room. Generally though, it is possible to figure out which ones have been working in the bars for a long time, and know all the tricks of the trade.

French kisses, oral sex (both ways) do not come naturally with Thai girls, and are 'learned' experiences.



Falling in Love!
Don't!!! Really it's not a good idea. Unless you can handle the fact that these girls go with a lot of men, and even after you go home and she promises to be faithful, and you send her money every month, 99% will still go with men, often because they are bored as they can't get another form of work. Some people get married happily to a bargirl. However, there are a lot of pitfalls. Be very careful about financial requests from bargirls, with the promise they will forever wait for you, if you send them enough money for them to live in an apartment, follow English classes, and for their family. I have been taking into confidence by some girls over the years. Some have explained to me at length how much money they get from different customers. It is apparently not uncommon for some girls to collect money at a rate of 20000-50000 baht a piece from three different suitors. At the same time, they still are working in the bars. So beware before you take any drastic decisions.



1. Between December and March many farang walking ATM machines will come to your bar. Choose carefully! Everyone has money, but some have more than others. If his skin is very white, check that he is not dead. If not , this is your lucky day since he must be Japanese. Every bar girl knows they will give you heaven and earth just for a kiss.

2. No matter how young and handsome he is, no matter how fun he is, make sure he understands you only go for money. Don't sit close to him before he has paid the bar fine. As soon as he has paid the bar fine, you can let go and run your hands over his body, arousing him. Maybe he will not pay you, but your boss will not complain. Have fun this night for tomorrow the only man you will get is a fat, ugly and smelly.

3. Start collecting email addresses from all of your boyfriends. Since it will be your family's source to a life in luxury. Once you have a good collection of addresses, a visit to your local internet cafe is in order. All of those email addresses should be sent an email. Tell them that you want out of the bar scene and will wait for them to come back to Thailand on their annual four weeks holiday. But you will need financial support since you don't work in the bar anymore. It will not take long time before all of your five boyfriends will transfer money to your bank account every month. And if you should party too much and need some more money, just tell them you have been sick and have to pay hospital 5.000 baht. If that doesn't help never use the story about you being pregnant and the baby is his as it will sooner or later backfire on you.

4. Practice crying on queue. Whenever something sad or bad happens - or even something that you just don't like, it is essential that you can produce tears immediately. This will have the effect of helping the walking ATM machine to see things your way!

5. When you get a customer for more than a week, make sure he takes you shopping at the nearest gold shop. Tell him that all your friends have so much gold but you have nothing. Make sure he buys enough gold so your friends will envy you. Later when one of your boyfriends forgets to send the monthly money, a pawn shop is never far away.

6. To keep our trade secrets for ourselves do not speak Thai with your friends when locally based farangs are inside the bars. But rather use Lao, Khmer or any other local dialects that you may know. It's bad enough that some of them can speak, and God forbid, some can even read Thai too, but Laos and Khmer should be kept as sacrosanct. Under no circumstances should the farang be taught our regional dialects.

7. Always see him off at the airport. Thai baht cannot be used in his country, so it is highly likely that he will give you all of his leftover as he leaves and says good-bye. Say no to the money, tell him you like him very much and don't need it. And if you have a few baht in your pockets give it to him so he understand you love him and not because of the big money he send you every month.

8. Search for Norwegian customers. They understand that we like to gamble as they do too. And since they have bad conscience for not taking care of their parents, they will always pay when your mother call the restaurant where you work, for you to send her more money. Your mother knows that since you work in Phuket you always have money.

9. Remember, when you get paid, you must always ask for money to Tuk-Tuk and give him the excuse that Tuk-Tuk drivers cannot give change on big notes. Do not let him know that you live only a few hundred meters from his hotel, instead tell him that you live in Karon. That should earn you another 200 baht. If Tuk-Tuk money isn't forthcoming, see rule #4.

10. If you are no longer making money in Bangkok, move down to Phuket where you will be able to start making money again. There are many elderly men in Phuket who will appreciate your long experience with men. Even if you are approaching 50, it is no problem as the elderly walking ATM machines appreciate inner beauty and more experienced women.

Please remember that every working girl is different.
This is only general advice and the most important thing you must remember is that working girls work for money!



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