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Pattaya Walking Street

Walking street Pattaya is one of the highlights of visiting Pattaya and begins to wake up at about 5pm, before becoming totally electric after 8pm. It is one of the most amazing places in Thailand, if not the world. At about a mile long, it is a mixture of bars, clubs, shops, freaky shows and small hotels.

Most people have heard of Walking Street in Pattaya, and have heard many stories about what can be found there, but the only real way is to experience it for yourself, but as a help I will give you a personal tour here.

walking street pattaya thailand
pattaya walking street You first enter walking street through a marquee covered in a range of psychedelic lights making you feel like your in a nightclub, but this encourages you to walk deeper into the realms of the street. You are almost beaten to death by the variety and intensity of the music from the bars, each one trying to get your custom, but within all this noise, areas of almost normality can be found.
Walking street is a place to do as you please, let loose have fun and enjoy.  Beer bars and agogo bars form the main entertainment in this area, (read more about gogo bars here!) although there are many coffee shops, ice-cream parlours, tailors, jewelers, internet cafes, great restaurants serving some of the best food in Thailand at fantastic prices, and general goods shops. It is a place for almost everyone, but you will need an open mind! As the name suggests the street is for walking (no cars!) it feels great to walk somewhere in Thailand with no traffic and feel safe. The street is some 20 meters wide and narrows to about 10 meters at some points, and gets pretty busy.

The sites of walking street I am sure will stay with you for a long time, it is a great place to sit back and nature watch as the people go by. People from all countries and all walks of life come to Pattaya, so it is interesting to watch as these people interact. Some come for fun, some for romance or some with their family for a great holiday. There are sites that will shock you and sites that will make you laugh. But try to find a nice seat in a bar and watch how the girls work, it is like musical chairs as they go from one customer to another, trying to earn a living.
walking street girls pattaya
cobra snake show pattaya Follow the action in the street, as you see a 60 year old man being escorted by two beautiful 18 year old ladies, (we all have our own opinions about that!) look out for the jugglers or a cobra show. Something that will stand out a mile will be very beautiful tall women with large breasts and a shapely body. (be warned these are katoeys or MEN!) If you want to know more about the women, bars, or gogo bars of Pattya click here!






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